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cytoskeleton, biophysics, image analysis and self-disorganization

Hello, world!

My name is Eugene Katrukha and currently I'm working as a scientist in groups of Anna Akhmanova and Lukas Kapitein, at Cell Biology Department of Utrecht University.

In general I'm interested in how biological systems conjugate processes on multiple time and space scales to perform their function. I'm trying to study it using biophysical methods: microscopy, image analysis and modelling.

My current focus is cell's microtubule network, it has all mentioned above multiscale properties. I'm curious how it is organized on mechanical and dynamics levels to provide backbone and transport functions to cell. And how this information can be used to develop new anticancer therapies.

Check out Software section or my GitHub profile to find different tools I've developed during research. I'm in favour of open source community approach and trying to share my code (after publication, hehe).

CV is available on request (the list of SNPs in my genome is not included ).

Also, as you can guess from the photo and site's design, I'm a fan of Andy Warhol and suprematism.

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