FIJI/ImageJ workshops: live and offline

If you are around the Netherlands, here is some information for the coming workshop. If not, scroll down to get link to the offline version.


Twice per year Bioimaging Utrecht organizes “Image analysis using ImageJ/FIJI” workshop in Utrecht University. Next one will happen on 7th of April.

Here is the poster with location and time details.

The main idea is that people without major training in image analysis area can come and play with FIJI/ImageJ and also bring their own data (pictures/movies of cells etc) and research questions.

A couple of experienced people (me and Ihor Smal from Erasmus MC)
would try to help you with analysis using FIJI/ImageJ and optionally provide
some general training.

If you are interested, you can fill registration form and send it to before March 10th!
Participation is free of charge, but the number of spots is limited.

There are two workshops per year: the coming one in April 7th is for more advanced users, which have some experience with ImageJ, so some more in-depth topics can be covered (macro writing, tracking, etc).

The second workshop will be held in October and it covers mostly the basic stuff (developed for total beginners).


If you cannot attend the workshop, but you have some free time, inspiration and desire to learn more about ImageJ/FIJI, here is link to instructions and materials of “beginners” workshop. It is step-by-step instruction through most frequently used methods of image analysis performed in FIJI. It will take you about 1-2 hours to complete the course.

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